85+ X5 Rare Gold Players Pack


Contains 5 Rare Gold Players rated 85 or higher.

Pack returns(Last 7 packs)

Only player values are considered in calculating pack returns

Avg. Returns


Max. Returns


Min. Returns


Pack odds(1 Week)

Rating Odds

85+ Player100%

90+ Player29%

95+ Player6%

75+ Player0%

80+ Player0%

Rarity Odds


Team of the Season15%

Team of the Season Plus7%

TOTS Moments5%

UEFA EURO Path to Glory4%

Copa América Path to Glory1%

UEFA EURO Make Your Mark Plus1%

Greats of the Game Icon1%

Copa América Make Your Mark1%

Greats of the Game Hero1%

UEFA EURO Make Your Mark1%

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Top 5 Rated

Packed Players

Top 5 Rated

Packed Players

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